70 Mint Road, Fordsburg, Johannesburg

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and vegetable dishes as well as the main dish in front of each member. The interior is a warm pink with gold and maroon trimmings and elaborate Islamic scriptures decorating the entrance and inside walls.



“Salam Walaykum,” Azher Chaudhry greets his bearded and abaya’d (long black cloaks Muslim women wear) customers while making his rounds through round tables. It’s busy for a lunch time on a Sunday. Azher is an interesting man – he was a videographer and photographer for National Geographic for 25 years before trading his camera lens for a frying pan and more rooted existence. On the coffee table in the front of the restaurant where customers can relax while waiting to be seated, an entire pile of books (mostly politics) has Azher’s name on the cover to credit his photography.



“We serve Pakistani,” says Azher, a charming, handsome man with real charisma. He tells with pride how their food is prepared from scratch and how customers are at all times welcome to inspect his kitchen. “I have no secrets. The glass windows at the back are specifically there so customers can see what is happening to their food behind closed

doors." His chef was imported directly from Pakistan. Their signature dish is a mixed grill that comprises chicken fillet, chicken wings, lamb cubes, prawns and kingklip. According to Warda Patel, one of the patrons, the lamb palak is to die for. Another must is a Mango Lassi – a traditional Pakistani drink made with yoghurt, milk, fresh mango and some other secret ingredient.



The starters vary in price from R10 to R39, while a main meal ranges between R55 and R69. The mixed grill and garlic tandoori prawns are the most expensive on the menu and go for R150, while the mango Lassi costs about R20.


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