70 Mint Road, Fordsburg, Johannesburg

Tel: 011 492 3956, info@daawat.co.za


About Daawat

Daawat's promise to provide guests with an experience in cultural cuisine was fulfilled when “Daawat” (Meaning Invitation) The Authentic Pakistani Restaurant opened in Fordsburg. Daawat brings a great tradition that North Pakistan is renowned for, Delicious Food.

The “masalas” or spices used in Pakistani cuisine consist of the basic five of six aromatic powders, which form the base or the sauce or curry.The most common spice mixture used for chicken and meat are onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander and salt.When combined, these ingredients produce a distinctive flavor and act as a thickening agent for the sauce. Most curries are prepared using the “bhoona” (frying) method which is the slow process of bringing the spices to a golden brown, adding water, then adding the main ingredient (meat, chicken, fish or vegetable) and stir frying it until it loses its raw state.


Good, wholesome food and good health are closely linked. Spices and herbs used by us not only enhance flavor and aroma, but also promote good health. Chillies are rich in Vitamin C; Mathi (fenugreek) peps up the liver. Ginger and

peppercorns aid in digestion. Mint is cooling, while coriander is good for the kidneys.


At Daawat we use the best ingredients available with special emphasis on freshness in purchase of fish, shellfish, chicken, lamb and vegetables. Our Garam Masala is made fresh everyday, true to the philosophy behind great Pakistani cooking.


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